Main production lines

Ctr 2 A0 1
2,500-ton C-class
Transfer press 2,500-ton C class transfer press
A0 class
press line A 0 class stamping line
Diemaking3 Robot 1
Center Machining Center
Noguchi Sheet
Metal Line Mass production welding line


List of machines

Press Machine (Unit)
Tandem Press Machine (1800t) 1
Tandem Press Machine (800t) 3
Robot Transfer 5
Transfer Press Machine (2500t) 1


Die Making Machine (Unit)
5 Surface 5 Axis Machining Center 1


Welding Machine (Unit)
Robot 77
Spot Station 44
CO2 Weld Machine 4
Portable Spot Machine 60


Hemming Machine  
Press Capability 150 Tons
Stroke 1,200 mm
Bolster size 2,800 x 2,200 mm
Maximum Load 10 Tons


Co2 Laser Machine  
Model ML3122VZ20
Number of Control Axis X-Y-Z-C-A 5-axis
Target Work Dimension(mm) 2500 x 1600 x 550
Flatttening Work Dimension(mm) 3048 x 1524
Stroke X,Y,Z (mm) 3100 x 2200 x850
[C,A] (°) C:±360、A:±90


EDP Machine  
Full Length 520 m
Conveyor Speed "Maximum 3.5 m/min
Adjustable Range 2.0-3.5 m/min"
Hanger Dimension Maximum 1000W x 2000 H x 2700 L
Product load Maximum 34 Kg
Surface area Maximum 3.76 m2/Hanger
Hanger Pitch 1834.4 mm/Hanger
Trolley Pitch 612.8 mm
Carrier Pitch 612.8 mm
Work size per 1 Hanger 1,000 W x 2,200 L x 2,000 H
Work size per 2 Hanger 600 W x 2,700 L x 2,000 H




TOYOTOMI Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of TOYOTOMI KIKO, Japan, established in 2011. We manufacture automotive equipment through stamping press, welding, and electrode-position coating process. We intend to improve both quality and technology to meet with customers’ satisfactions. Moreover, we has been honored as the 1th tier supplier of automotive manufacture that use local team and get technical support from TOYOTOMI KIKO, Japan.


 Security Management V3

 ISO 9001 Black Logo

IATF 16949 Black Logo

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